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Honestly, some of what Roxxxy and Detox were saying about Jinkx was absolutely true. I think that Jinkx is not the best and shouldn’t win (even though its obvious she will because everyone loves her). She’s not as good on the show as everyone makes her out to be. It doesn’t matter how she is now because during the show and in the challenges she wasn’t good. It doesn’t matter that she’s sweet and nice, because her performance ON THE SHOW wasn’t freaking good. In comparison to some of the other girls she’s subpar. But everyone says “OMG JINKX IS SO PERFECT DID YOU SEE THAT OUTFIT SHE’S SO AMAZING” when in reality it wasn’t good. You’re just saying that because no matter what she looks like or how bad she does, she’ll always be your number 1. Which is bullshit because that’s just robbing the queens that do so well only to be overshadowed by the fans wanting Jinkx to stay and win. In my opinion, she’s the Sharon Needles of this season. The underdog. And people are letting their worship for underdogs ruin the show. What about every other queen who’s won the show? Bebe was amazing the whole competition. Tyra never fell into the bottom two. Raja won challenge after challenge. You know what they had in common? They were fierce competitors who knew their shit and owned the challenges. They weren’t “underdogs”. They were fierce bitches who knew what they were doing. They won because they proved they were the best. No fans decided those outcomes. In fact, no one thought Tyra should have won and people have been bitching about that for years. Sharon won and Jinkx will win because the fans want them to, not because they truly deserve it. If Jinkx doesn’t win, the people who make the show know everyone’s going to be pissed. It’s fucking stupid. Why not let the person who deserves it win instead of who everyone’s rooting for? I don’t hate anyone, because that’s not the kind of person I am. I just don’t think Jinkx deserves to win just because everyone wants her to.


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